812 Papi

The Central Valley rapper originally from Evansville, Indiana is an up-and-coming Hip-hop rapper that resides in the 559 area of CENCAL.  Now located on the West Side of the map, he has recently released his newest tracks, “Catch My Vibe” and “WYA” which are creating quite the buzz in Central California.  

812 Papi


More on 812 Papi

812 Papi is originally from Evansville, IN.  His moving to California influenced his sound and rap style.  He recorded his first song using iphone headphones, audacity, and his mom’s pink laptop! A Westcoast Chill vibe perfect to smoke and chill to.   812 definitely carries a pop vibe that is unique and catchy while maintaining a distinct  originality that is captivating.

And many might not know that 812 Papi’s first love is actually dancing.  It was watching Michael Jackson dance that originally introduced him to a love for dance and music.  Musical influences of Papi include Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne.  Besides their music, Papi admires their ranking in the music industry.  Because they were among the best to do it in their genre.

When asked what he would want people to remember about him, he replied, “I want people to remember that I was never scared to be who I am and do what I want.  For the people who grew up like I did I want them to know anything is possible if you master the Law of Attraction.”

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