Ananomyx (pronounced anonymous) is a Central Cali artist who arose after his imprisonment with a significantly different way of analyzing reality as evidenced in his change in lyrical content.  Known to some as r0ck, but now with a concious lyrical style and a pursuit of truth and a constant questioning of reality’s fundamental meaning.  Ananomyx wants to analyze what truth is, and whether there exists such a thing as purpose


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Born in the Central Valley, Merced to be specific, Ananomyx has lived in the Valley all his life (except during his incarceration at Susanville State Prison) going back and forth between Newman and Merced California throughout his teen years.  By the age of 13 he got a laptop and started making beats.  Him and some friends (m1ke & t0ne) start a rap group around 2005, Central Valley Playa$ (CVP).

Ananomyx then known by c-r0ck.  His lyrics were a manifestation of his internal world view as evidenced in the songs he created then.

Eventually r0ck goes to prison and comes out Ananomyx (anonymous) because he didn’t care if people knew what his name was.  The first song he created when he was released was “Just A Mystery” where Ananomyx expresses much scepticism regarding reality but encourages a constant search for truth and meaning because as he claims, “absolutes exists, and we need to find out what they tell us about reality.” 

You can learn more about Ananomyx and receive notifications for new content at his website Ananomyx.com

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