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Listen to new Central California music 2020! Peek into the thoughts and lyrical capabilities of old and new Central Valley Musicians. Share any of the music you enjoy and help us bring more exposure to CEN-CAL artists! Our site, Central Valley Entertainment features Central California music featuring Central Cali rappers and musicians. Central California music is different than NORCAL and SOCAL music and each evne then, each artist carries their own individual sound that should be experienced in order to be truly understood. Valley music by Valley creators and artists. CVE features CENCAL musicians and is here trying to help connect the Valley! Subscribe to the Central Valley Entertainment playlist on Youtube to hear a mix of new Central Cali music daily!  

Below you will find some of our favorite Central California artists, along with one of their songs with a total of 6 tracks for you to peep and comment on!  Show love to Central California Music!

Central California Artists 2020:


J-Mick is a CENCAL artist who was born in Los Banos Central Cali! Now he resides in the great Newman California. J-Mick is an original member of Drank-Alot-Crew and has been rapping since around the glorious myspace days and recently started a youtube channel you should definitely follow. We chose to feature J-Micks new song “Bounce Back” because it carries an energy that motivates me to keep my head up and bounce back no matter what happens!  Definitely some tight Central California Music!

J-Mick has a very distinct style that is a mixture of Westcoast vibes with some rhyme structures that remind of Houston rap styles.  He is able to bring his own twist to his rhymes that is memorable upon listening to. He has mentioned that some of the rappers he listens to include 2pac, Lil Boosie, SPM (South Park Mexican) and Too Short.  If you are yet to peep out J-Mick, we recommend you do.  😉

812 Papi

Upon my first listen of 812 Papi I was blown away by the style and sound.  He has catchy hooks on all his songs and the lyrical finnese to bring the whole song together.  If you are new to 812 as I was until recently make sure to peep him out and follow him on the socials!  All of us here at CVE really enjoyed listening to “WYA” and I can’t wait to play it for my future significant other!

Though 812 is originally from Evansville Indiana, the WYA rapper now stays in the 559 area of the Central Valley.  812 has explained to us here at CVE how moving to the Valley has influenced his lyrics and sound when making music.

Ren Da Heatmonsta

First  artist on our list of new dope Central California Music is a song by an O.G. in the Central California music scene. Ren Da Heatmonsta from legendary rap group Doesia Click (Doja Clik) has a track that puts it down for the homies like never before. I was strolling down my street on Duck Blind Circle in Newman Ca when I first heard “Homies” by Ren Da Heatmonsta and it was slapping! Some kids on walking past me stopped me and asked who it was and I had to share the link. It is an official bro anthem in my book.

With lyrics that are diverse, as well as a diverse sounds, Ren Da Heatmonsta has grown as an artist and come a long way since I heard “Dungeon” around the age of 15. When I first heard the words, “Step into my dungeon”, I can honestly say I integrated a type of horrorcore rap style, which re-emerges in me here and there when the occasion arises.


I’ve know MBKDeezy since around our highschool years and since the first time I heard him spit, he always had a deep flow with lyrical skill that was not hard to miss (unless you are the type who only listens to music because of the beat, but even then MBKDeezy’s beats slap just as raw)!  We chose his track “Nobody” because it was rapped in a chill yet impactful way.  Like someone just trying to speak truth. 

MBKDeezy is founder of collective rap duo My Brothers Keeper, which features Deezy and his blood brother MBKSWiTCH.  MBKDeezy has lived throughout the Central Valley in places like Los Banos, West Modesto, and Newman California.  His sound is definitely more of a hiphop sound that imparts knowledge through every verse. Deezy doesn’t only have bars, but actually speaks truths in his words that go beyond music, towards answering questions of meaning and purpose.


If you are yet to hear of m1ke-0, it’s time you heard about ya boi!  Spitting bars since he was in 8th grade, he has advanced in his word play and his sound throughout the years and his song “Life Story” proves just how far he’s come as an artist in the last decade!  m1ke-0 definitely is worthy of getting his place on our list of 2020 dope new Central Cali Music!

Another Newman California resident who has represented the 209 since as long as I can remember.  Originally Playa-M1ke, and a part of Central Valley Playas, m1ke-0 has put it down for the 209 since as long as I can remember him.  A very unique style of rapping that takes on a variety of personas.  Sometimes his words can be similar to some Mac Dre or Sugawolf, and other times on some stay on your grind SPM type of sound with songs like the one above that carry more of a personal message.


Originally killa-t0ne, because he’s a killa on the microphone, t0ne is a diverse Central California artist that is masterful in the craft of lyric creation as well as skilled in the art of laying down his lyrics!  Raised in Newman Cali, him and m1ke-0 were a part of Central Valley Playas along with c-r0ck.  One of his newer tracks such as “Out of Sight” put on display exactly what t0ne is capable of as a Valley musician.

Our final Central California resident (for now).  My boi t0ne is another Central Valley musician with a diverse rhyme scheme and sound.  He can create dope hyphy music, chill music to vibe to,  intense motivational words with meaning and impact like very few other artists I know.  

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