Original member of Drank-Alot Crew, J-Mick is a Central Valley artist with a Westcoast vibe.  He moved around during his younger years throughout the 209 area.  Started spitting raps around the 8th grade.  J-Mick  is a rapper determined to bring some realness and authenticity back to the rap game, this is evident throughout his lyrics.



More on J-MICK

Born in Los Banos California, J-Mick has been a 209 Central Valley resident from day one.  Influenced early on by the styles of rappers like 2pac, Lil Flip, Lil Boosie, Too Short, and SPM.  A style and sound similar to a cross between Dre’s The Chronic, and Too Short, but with a Central Valley twist!

Though he moved around a lot while younger,  he spent most of his years in the Newman & Patterson areas.    Rapping since about the 8th grade thanks to a homie that introduced him to Valley rappers from Modesto. 

 Thanks to the mixtape he heard, he was convinced he could spit harder bars than those on the mixtape.  Him and his homies started Drank-Alot Crew after hearing this mixtape.  The name was perfect, given the lifestyle of drinking and partying regularly.  D.A.C. consist of J-Mick, Shreddah, Strait-A & ELoco.  Since then J-Mick has been determined to bring realness and authenticity back to the rap game. 

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