Tone, aka Killa Tone found his love for rap when first heard “got 2 suvive” by Ray Luv, Tupac and Mac Dre. A country kid at heart, he resides in the country of the Central Valley with his friends and family. His lyrics reflect his lifestyle of competition sports and outdoor life style.  In 2005, T0NE began rapping with r0ck and m1ke-0 in Central Valley rap group from Newman California called Central Valley Playa$ (CVP).

T0ne x m1ke-0

Take It Way Back


Tone grew up in Newman California with a wide range of musical influences, from country, rock n roll and of course hip hop. He was first inspired to rap when his friend was spittin bars at a home studio. Having lived in different areas in California Tones style has been develped and mixed with different genres of music. His started making music at the age of 15, with the talented C-rock aka Rock, the genius behind C.V.E . Tone hopes to inspire and motivate the world with his lyrics.

His lyrical ability is a unique blend of a diverse set of genres which is evident in the depth of his wordplay and rhyme schemes.  The metaphors and similes used by this Valley artist are thoroughly thought out.  Vivid imagery is depicted whenever listening to any of KILLA-T0NE’s songs.  

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Putting The Valley On The Map

The Central Valley is a world renown place for agriculture. It is also a major hot rod, lowrider, 4×4 truck scene. In equal distant there is the ocean, the mountains and the desert. Prime locations for great creators and inovators. Help us promote the influencial artists in the Central Valley area to help connect Valley artists.