MBKDeezy founded the Central Cali rap duo MBK (My Brothers Keeper).  The members include MBKSwitch, his blood brother.  When MBKDeezy is asked where the acronym MBK originated, he explains that he, “learned the mentality of brotherhood through hard life experiences.”  Through Family, Life Experiences, and Culture; Deezy’s father taught him the importance of never turning his back on his family and with his mentors, he learned M.O.B. (My Other Brother) and applied it.



More on MBKDeezy

MBKDeezy is part of collaborative hip-hop/rap group My Brother’s Keeper that includes his brother MBKSWiTCH.  He has lived all over the 209 but mainly Westside Modesto, Newman, & Los Banos Ca, as well as other valley town which placed him into multiple Valley neighborhoods.

When asked how his environment has influenced his sound, his response was, 

“Low Income, Govt Housing, Sleeping Bags, 3 Bedrooms with 10 plus people living there.  Multiple close situations where not having was the norm.”

But regardless of the struggle, Deezy’s father continued to prove that a man’s deeds map out his future.  Deezy’s father was known as a neighborhood leader & created a food program, not only for his family, but 300-500 neighbors a month.   Drugs & gangs were the surroundings, and in a way influenced Deezy’s sound, but his father’s positive impression all mixed with the sound and style of MBKDeezy. 

Deezy’s pops loved hip hop and instilled that passion in his sons.  Some musical influences of MBKDeezy are Jay Z, Ice Cub, Jah Word, Ghostface Killah, & RaeKwon.

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