Family of Paul Chavez wants Officers Charged

Modesto Family of Paul Chavez wants Officers Charged.
Paul Chavez’s Wife Pleads for Justice

MODESTO, California— The family of Paul Chavez, a man that was killed by Modesto police is asking for justice, and that the officer be prosecuted.  This call for justice has brought about many protests!

Paul Chavez Jr. was shot to death July 14th in the yard of his neighbor after his father-in-law called the Modesto Police saying Paul was drunk, rowdy, and had a tow hitch.

The Officers that responded to the call were Sam Muncy and Sergio Valencia. They found Paul lying in the front yard holding a tow hitch. He was asked to drop it, but did not, and continued walking toward the officers. The police officers first used a taser on Chavez and then shot him.

Chavez left behind his 3 kids and wife. The family believes that the officers acted criminally, and want them to be prosecuted. 

Teresa Clutter, Chavez Jr.’s mother-in-law, said, “we’re asking the community, Modesto community, California, the nation because these things happen all the time. It’s not just in Modesto. It has to stop. Somebody has to put their foot down and say this is enough already. We can’t have more people live through these tragedies because these officers are improperly trained. Maybe they’re having a bad day. Maybe they shouldn’t go to work that day,” 

The police department has been reached out to. They are not commenting, but did say the officer is back on the force!  See the video and see whether you believe that is just!

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