New Texas Burger Favorite, Western Cheeseburger, Food in Gustine California

My new Texas Burger favorite is by far the Western Cheeseburger packed with Onion Rings and BBQ!

Since my first time going to Texas Burger in Gusting California, I knew it would become a regular routine for me.  For many days I turned to the classic Bacon Cheeseburger to fill my burger needs.  It wasn’t until recently I took a second look at the menu and noticed something that would change my life forever.  The Texas Burger Western Cheeseburger!

If you are new to Texas Burger and are looking for a burger with some of life’s greatest flavors, such as bacon, barbeque sauce, and onion rings, then look no further than their famous Western Cheeseburger.

New Texas Burger Favorite:

The Western Cheeseburger

This magical burger is my new go to burger whenever I go to Texas Burger in Gustine.  When I am in the mood to eat good, I will ask for a side of Chilli Cheese, and 2 sides of ranch.  The burger and fries, along with the chili and ranch fill my taste buds like no other burger on the Texas Burger Menu (so far though I will be trying new menu items regularly to keep you updated!).

If you are new to Gustine, make sure to stop by Texas Burger and become acquainted with the fine establishment.  It is the place all the locals flock to for a good classic American burger.  And if you are there during the weekend we might bump heads unknowingly!  See you there!

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