Newman Liquor Store, Liquor Depot, Previously JJ’s Liquor

If you've passed through Newman Ca, you might remember a liquor store that use to be referred to as JJ's, and now is Liquor Depot.

Newman Ca. Liquor Store, Liquor Depot

If you are from or in the Newman California area of the Central Valley, then you might have cruised down its main street.  On that main street, somewhat in the middle, you might remember a corner liquor store.  

This liquor store has been there since before I moved to Newman in 1999.  Then it was called Mels.  A few years later it was bought and renamed as JJ’s liquor store.  This remained so until much later.

JJ’s was shut down and sold when the owner was charged on a rape case involving one of his workers.  

Since then it was bought and renamed Liquor Depot and the look and feel of the store has changed, but some will say it’s a change for the better! 

New owner of Newman liquor store, Liquor Depot

This is my go-to place late at night when I feel like a Slushie and some Nachos.  If you are a Newman resident(or from somewhere near by, like Gustine or Patterson), make sure to stop my and shop locally to support this new business!

If you are from the Newman CA. area then swing by Liquor Depot and check out their wide selection of beverages!

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Liquor Depot, Newman Liquor Store, Previously JJ's Liquor

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