Ren Da Heatmonsta

Founder of Stockton’s Legendary rap group, Doja Clik (originally Doesia Click), Ren Da Heatmonsta (aka Young Ren) has been representing the Central Valley’s 209 since 1995 when first establishing Doja Clik.  Red Da Heatmonsta released his first solo album,  “Undaground Mailroad” in 98-99 and been holding it down for the Central Valley since then!  

Ren Da Heatmonsta

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Founder of legendary rap group Doja Clik, out of Stockton Central California, Ren Da Heatmonsta (aka Young Ren)  debuted in 1995 on Doja Clik’s (then Doesia Click) first album “Hard on da Grind.” 

The first album, which had a different spelling (Doesia Click), was released to the streets and instantly blew up with underground hits “Chronic Bionic, Dungeon, & Murder 1.”  This first album sold 20,000 units without any promotion. Till today the “Hard on da Grind” album is a cult classic and makes Doja Clik Stockton’s most successful act.

1997 – Doja Clik releases their most successful album to date, “Speed Kills.”  This album features Bay Area artist San Quinn, GUCE, JT The Bigga Figga & Suga T.  Going on to sell over 60,000 units cements Ren & the Clik as legends in the game!

1998-99 – Young Ren releases his first solo project entitled “Undaground Mailroad”.  Ren’s lyrical abilities are evident throughout this work of art and we see a unique Valley style demonstrated by Ren that exemplifies what a Central Valley rap should sound like.

2006 – Young Ren then decides start a new label, Heatrock Records.  We then have the release of “The Best of Doja Clik”  under the new Heatrock Records label to put out the past, and start a new beginning for the CENCAL group.

2009 –  We then see Heatrock Records & Chicken Hill Productions collaborate together & give us “Doja Clik present’s Ren da Heatmonsta” in “da Mudville King” (This is Young Ren’s second solo release album which now is released with the name change, from “Young Ren” to “Ren da Heatmonsta”).  Released 2-17-09, this album has features including E40, WC, Too $hort, Turf Talk, and the rest of the Doja Clik.

2017 – Ren and Chicken Hill again join forces, this time with Brotha Lynch Hung and Premeditated is dropped, a banger, hard- hitting album with two Cali legends spittin straight fire. This album reaches number 72 on iTunes top 200 hip hop charts and has 1 million+ streams.

2019 Ren drops his E.P. Heatrocks, which is a dark hardcore album featuring X Raided on a track called “If looks could kill.” This E.P. was number 79 on iTunes top 200 hip hop charts.

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