Used Games Modesto, El Rematito, 2 Best Used Games Spots in Modesto

If you are looking for the best spots to buy and sell used games in Modesto, check out these places at El Rematito in Modesto Ca.

Modesto, Ca. — If you are in the area of Modesto Ca. and are looking for a great deal on used video games or gaming consoles then there are 2 spots at the Modesto Flea Market (AKA El Rematito), that I highly recommend.

Gamers Inc.

The first spot is Gamers Inc.  This is the first used games spot I found while at El Rematito Flea Market.  I have purchased a Nintendo DS here along with a few games for it such as Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Nintendogs, and the Gameboy game Monster Rancher.  All games worked perfect.  I have also purchased an original XBOX along with some of my favorite games for it including Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, Halo, and Thirteen along with many others.  For the Nintendo Wii I have purchased Sims 3, and Sonic and the Black Knight.  One game out of many did not work, and it was gladly exchanged with no problem.  Testing the game before you leave is usually an option here as well!

Gonzalo’s Electronics

The second spot you can go to check out used games in Modesto when you are at the El Rematito Flea Market is Gonzalo’s Electronics.  

I recently heard of this shop at El Rematito and it was mentioned to me by the owner of Gamers Inc.  I had asked if he had a Nintendo 64 controller and he suggested I try his competitor around the corner.  Sure enough, once I arrived, Gonzalo had a wide array of Nintend 64s, controllers, and games.  Gonzalo was ecstatic to hear I would be including his shop in this blog and gave me a free game I was ready to buy.  He gave me a copy of Iron Man for the Nintendo Wii.  He explained he had most older systems, and if there was any specific system I wanted that he did not have, he explained he would be able to get it by the next weekend. 

Gonzalo has used systems such as Super Nintendos, N64s, Playstation 1 and 2, as well as Xbox, Xbox 360, and many others!   

Best Used Game Spots in Modesto Ca.

I personally love buying used games.  They bring me a nostalgia that is hard to describe, but if I had to, it is akin to being 12 again, waking up a Saturday morning, and gaming all day.  I bring home these treasures and play them for a bit, and it takes me back to those days of my youth.  I also cannot wait for the day that my kids will also have the chance to experience the old school, so they may appreciate how far gaming has come.  These 2 spots have made this possible for me, and at very good prices!  I recommend Gamers Inc. as well as Gonzalo’s Electronics for your used game needs!


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