YCG Nell

YCG Nell is originally from Bakersfield California, but by the age of 16, he moved to Fresno California.  Though he has only been making music for a short while, his music will make you think otherwise.  Not only does YCG Nell have #bars on the mic, but he has a voice that makes vibing to his music essential.  Make sure to tap into YCG-Nell’s official rap vieo Oochies. and the rest of his new Ep, Slime Faith 2  Connect with YCG Nell and learn more below!



More on YCG Nell

The artist YCG Nell was originally from the Bakersfield area of California but by the age of 16 he was living in the 559, Fresno California.  We are happy he made it down to the Valley because the sound he has developed in the short time he has been creating music is dope AF 💯 .

He mentioned his environment has shaped his music, because it has always been full of random shit happening that worked out, just like his music.  So he has used all the random events that he has experienced to mold the type of music he puts out.

YCG’s homie got him into making music when YCG was a freshman in college which is later than most artists we talk with, but his sound would tell you otherwise.  When it comes to rappers that YCG Nell considers influences, E40, Young Thug, YoungBoy were the first 3 artists mentioned.  He told us they are influential because they always find a way of accomplishing what they set out to do!

When asked who YGC Nell would like to collaborate with he mentioned the “I’ma” rapper DB.Boutabag, Mike Sherm, Young Thug, and YoungBoy.  The first bars he remembers writing was back in junior high, though he did not record his first track until last year at his pad using GarageBand.  In the next two years, YCG Nell plans on releasing a 12 song album that he envisions blowing up not only in Cali, but also the rest of the 🌎 .

We believe in YCG Nell’s vision, and see it becoming a reality, and Central Valley Entertainment is grateful to have a chance to feature him on our site and introduce him to any of you who are yet to hear of him 😎 

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