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The Central Valley of California is a hidden gem that many are unaware of and it’s time to help change that!  Central Valley Entertainment is aiming to help grow and expand Central California.  We are here to help connect Valley residents, businesses, and creators.  In addition, if you are a business or creator and would like a free feature on the site, chat with us now ASAP for a free site feature, or if you need help building your brand or business website, chat with us today to see some free packages we have available to start making your ideas a reality. We are here to bring you quality content, and to help the Central Valley community grow!

Central Valley Categories

Central Valley Food

Find some of the best food in the Central Valley of California. See some of our favorite food spots in different CENCAL towns. Check out the hidden gems found throughout Central California.

Central Valley Services

Find some of the best services in the Central Valley of California. See some of our favorite service spots in different CENCAL towns. Car Services, Repair Services, Legal and more!

Central Valley Music

Looking for some of the best music of the Central Valley? We have Valley Music with musicians throughout CENCAL. Let's help Central Valley Musicians by showing them some CENCAL love!

Central Valley News

This is your place to find your Central Valley News. Find Central Valley content and updates on new events going on in the Central California. Central Valley News updated regularly.


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Let's Put The Valley On The Map

For too long has the Central Valley been in the background of California.  Here at Central Valley Entertainment, we believe that there is much-untapped talent in Central California and would like your support.  If you or someone you know is a Central Valley business owner, creator, musician, or organization, connect with us for a free feature and possible blogs to promote your content.

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Frequently asked C.V.E. questions

Central Valley Entertainment was created to help bring attention to the talent of the Central Valley of California.  If you are from Central California then you know that the Valley is not as well known as Northern and Southern California, and we started C.V.E. to change that!  This site is made for those Central California businesses, artists, and organizations who have a message for their particular audience.  We allow you to have a page on our site, and link to any of your content, as long as it is your own original content that is approved by us.

The process to become a featured artist on Central Valley Entertainment is simply reach out to us.  When you reach out to Central Valley Entertainment, make sure to fully explain why you think it is a good idea for you to be featured on our site, and as long as you meet all the basic requirements (these are owning or having permission to use any of the material and links you will share on your page, as well as being a Central Valley resident), we should be able to feature you on the site..  

At the moment Central Valley Entertainment is looking to focus on helping build out our “Central Valley Music” page.  This will feature different Central Valley Musicians but we will also be adding a section for writers, videographers/cinematography and other content creators!

Once we build out a nice section for Central Valley musicians we will focus on other types of content creators.  We would like musicians to be able to connect with designers, and music video creators, and facilitate meetups and connections between all types of Central Valley talent.  This can’t be done without your help.  Share Central Valley Entertainments mission with everyone you know, and you can help us put the Valley on the map!