Small town Rap Artist based out of the Central Valley (Newman) CA began making music at the age of 15, he always had a passion for Rap as he was growing up. He was influenced by the music his older siblings listened to & eventually linked up with a friend (C-ROCK) in high school, where they formed the rap group C.V.P (Central Valley Playas).



More on Playa Mike aka M1ke-0

Central Valley Playas was a Rap group formed back in the Myspace days. The group consisted of 3 artists. C-r0ck, Playa Mike & KILLA-T0NE, another highschool friend with a passion for hip hop who later joined the crew. The 3 would dedicate most of their time to the mic and would release lots of songs over the years & had quite a buzz in the town of Newman Ca as well as other small towns surrounding the area (Patterson) (Gustine)

As the 3 grew older they overcame different life obstacles, Mike-o backed away from the music when Rock was sent to Prison. He focused on his family and held it down. He made some solo songs & had some features with different local Artists.

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Putting Central Valley on the Map

Dont sleep on the CENTRAL VALLEY! Most think of the West Coast being Los Angeles or San Francisco/Oakland there is a lot more to it. The valley is full of hidden talent. Theres plenty to eat for all of us, lets put the politics aside & come together so we can be discovered & get the recognition we DESERVE.