To fully comprehend the story of MBKSWiTCH, it is important to understand exactly where the letters MBK originated.  MBK or “My Brother’s Keeper” is a way of life that was first adopted by MBKDeezy, SWiTCH’s older brother.  MBK signifies wanting the best for your brothers and family and friends that you call brothers!




MBKSWiTCH was born in the city of Fairfield, California.  Throughout his life, he lived in Stockton, Livingston, Newman, and he eventually touches down in Modesto California.  MBKSWiTCH first recalls discovering hip-hop at the young age of 5 when he woke up to his brother (MBKDeezy) slapping music on MTV and ever since then SWiTCH has had a passion for rap music.

He had a cassette player his father gave him with about 15 different Christian rap songs and at the age of 9 he switched his retro cassette player for an iPod his brother filled with over 200 instrumentals.

The name SWiTCH was thought up when he was only 15 years young.  The name means “Samuel Williams is The Coolest Human.”  He recalls it sounding kind of corny at first but eventually he grew to like it.

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